Guild News

From the Treasurer

From the treasurer of the Wesley Guild Executive

Thank you once again for all the subscriptions which are sent faithfully year by year.… Read the rest

Holiday for Guild Members and Friends



A holiday has been arranged at Abbot Hall Hotel (Christian Guild) Sunday 29th June to Friday 4th July 2014.… Read the rest

A Message from Peter Grubb

From Peter Grubb, Chair of the Wesley Guild Executive

Dear Friends,

The past few months have been very busy for those of us who went to Nigeria to visit projects supported by money contributed by many of our Guilds.… Read the rest

Guild Holiday a Great Success


The Guild Holiday held at Raven Hall, Ravenscar, Yorkshire, in October 2013, was a great success, with good food, amazing views, excursions most days at a very reasonable cost, and as you would hope, good fellowship.… Read the rest

Warming Up!…

(taking its title from the experience of John Wesley on the 24th May 1738)

A collection of prayers and suggested hymns and readings written for meetings of the Wesley Guild, but also useful to anyone who leads the opening devotions for other fellowship groups.… Read the rest

Down Memory Lane

On reading the Spring Newsletter, I was sent down “Memory Lane”, after reading the entry from Bovey Tracey & Ilsington Wesley Guild.… Read the rest

Our Guild Motto

There have been several references in recent Wesley Guild Newsletters to the Guild motto ‘One Heart – One Way’ and always quoting Jeremiah as the source of the motto.… Read the rest

Local News

Kingswood Wesley Guild

After reading Peter Grubb’s January newsletter I decided to write to let you know our Guild is still thriving.

Last summer we enjoyed coffee evenings, walks, garden visits and a delicious afternoon tea in the garden of one of our members.… Read the rest

York Guild Rally

Huntington Guild are to hold a Rally on 7.30pm, Monday 24th March. Further details can be obtained from the Guild Secretary, Stuart Irwin, Tel: 01904 766154.… Read the rest

Winchester Road, Woodford Green Guild to Close

Mary Burgoine reports that sadly her Guild at Winchester Road, Woodford Green, has had to close because of low numbers. However all is not lost as they have agreed to join forces with a similar fellowship group within the same Church and will retain links with the Wesley Guild by having an associate membership. … Read the rest

Richmond Methodist Guild

Our present Richmond Methodist Guild (North Yorkshire) has an attendance of between 30 to 40 people, meeting every fortnight between the beginning of September and the end of June in the church Assembly Hall at 7.30pm.… Read the rest

Wolstanton Wesley Guild

Wolstanton Nine Lessons and Carols

Each year during Advent, Wolstanton Wesley Guild organises a service of Nine Lessons and Carols. The service is held in the church, and follows a similar format to the service broadcast from Kings College Cambridge on Christmas Eve.… Read the rest

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